Notion Ink's Adam: an iPad Killer with XO Laptop Roots


Imagine the iPad with a Pixel Qi screen. Now make it an Android OS. Add a swiveling camera and other innovations and you have Adam from Notion Ink. And its hot! Listen to LiveMint rave about it:

On paper, Notion Ink's upcoming tablet computer, called Adam, beats Apple Inc.'s iPad by a mile. Among its many lofty ambitions, the Hyderabad-based company's 10-inch screen prototype boasts a revolutionary "transflective" display developed by US-based company Pixel Qi. Unlike most LCD screens, which become useless in bright sunlight, a transflective display can switch, with a flick of a button, between bright LCD colour and a black and white reflective display like those in e-book readers such as Amazon's Kindle.

More than just with the screen, the Adam has OLPC roots too! Rohan Shravan, a Notion Ink co-founder, says:

"I was inspired by the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project that aimed to build a $100 (around Rs4,740) laptop. The project hit roadblocks because they were aiming for universal usage with an expensive device, I wanted to build something cheaper and more universally accessible than a laptop."

While we wait to see it at its launch later this year, we can always ogle the Pixel Qi transflective touchscreen in this video from Charbax:


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