Hacked XO Laptop Screen: From 80 to 200 Nits @ 1 Watt


In another video from Charbax, Mary Lou Jepsen shows off a hacked XO laptop screen, and in doing so lets us know she's a nitpicker when it comes to displays. The hacked display can emit 200 nits on one Watt, up from the usual 80 or so with the XO-1 dual-mode screen - doubling its brightness.

In this context, a "nit" is a unit of luminance, not a baby flea. So no need to worry about fleas in the Pixel Qi office. But you can check out Mary Lou's office/laundry room set up where she's been measuring her nits:

For those that are nitpickers out there, she does say that the new Pixel Qui screen has actually evolved past the OLPC screen, to the point where it is not longer even using the XO laptop display technology. And to be clear - its NOT e-Ink.

More Pixel Qui screen videos from Charbax:

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My hats off to Mary Lou jepsen and all her hard work!

XO wouldn't have been possible without her.

After watching this video, I also watched the one at:

She really knows what she is doing and who she is dealing with. Mary-Lou adhered to the basic rule of good ICT development:
NEVER EVER "just start from scratch again". Always leverage what you have.

See: Things you should never do, part 1

I think Pixel Qi can wither out the crisis because she has something NOW that can lower costs/increase profits, has new and better functionality and WORKS.


I have read the article and come to know about the information regarding the hacked XO Laptop screen.The given reference Video gives the information that how the Laptop hacked and Screen follows the rules.I agree that XO wouldn't have been possible without her.There are certain technique through which we can handle it with an easy way.I want other user to leave the useful comments.

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