Dual Mode Display Prototype Photos


Quacking with love for dual modes

With the brevity of an engineer, Bert Freudenberg introduces us to Squeak working on the new dual-mode display today. His assessment?

"Squeak looks surprisingly well on the display prototype, and also etoys are reasonably fast."
Now that is a mighty understatement for the first sighting of the dual-mode display prototype, what One Laptop Per Child claims has:
"higher resolution than 95% of the laptop displays on the market today; approximately 1/7th the power consumption; 1/3rd the price; sunlight readability; and room-light readability with the backlight off"
Looking at Ian Piumarta pictures of the display I can't tell who is happier, the engineers using the steel-encased display or the cute little duck watching the car go around on the screen that is apparently refreshing at 22.2 frames per second.

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Yay for Squeak! Squeak is a bit of software that really makes sense for the OLPC... Let's hope we see some more come of it!

I don't get it. Is the duck a Squeak masscot or just a fun toy? I didn't think ducks went "squeak".

The screen is cool. I like how its in that metal case with the motherboard. Now if they can put it in the green plastic one...

Rubber ducks go squeak....