Creative XO Laptop Accessories in OLPC Green


Mike Lee has to have the award for the most creative and obsessive XO laptop accessory compiler. His OLPC Flickr photo tag is the best way I've found to keep up with all the cool toys you can add to your XO.

Illuminate your XO activities

Mike's fun find this week is a Lightwedge Mr Brightside USB Light in what should be called "OLPC Green". As you can see here, its a perfect addition to any XO laptop user who finds herself typing at night instead of in daylight.

Previously Mike found a hack that mixed a USB drive with the XO viewfinder, that while not for sale, is a cool dual-use device sure to start coffee shop conversations.

Personally, I'm thinking its time to pull OLPC Green into other aspects of our digital lives, like remaking MacBooks into XO accessories and even going green in cameras.

Note that Fuji claims its using "wasabi green". Whatever - we know the right name for that color.

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Women from Canada* can tell you that this is also one of the colours being touted by the fashion industry this spring. So, tbh, I am not sure if this is OLPC fashion making an impact or just some whim.


*(Prolly US women, too... since many of our clothes are by US companies...).

please tell me, where I can buy some OLPC. Thanks !
Dirk Wonka


eBay is your best bet for XO laptop purchases: