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The great cause that we know as One Laptop Per Child has grown from a core group of dedicated professionals developing the XO laptop, into a global movement to change education around the world.

olpc Mongolia
Can you cover OLPC Mongolia?

OLPC News, the premier independent community following OLPC, has also grown, from a few dedicated bloggers to committed contributors from around the world. And like OLPC, its time for OLPC News to expand its voice.

OLPC News is seeking writers from the Global South to cover XO laptop deployments in their communities.


To write for OLPC News you need to have the following:

  1. Regular Internet access and the enthusiasm to use it to follow OLPC
  2. Fancy yourself a writer, or at least a blogger, in your own language
  3. Be familiar with OLPC, its history, promise, and the passion it brings out in people
  4. Commit to writing a post a month on topics of your choice

Note that you do not need to write in English for every post, we want to widen the languages in OLPC News discussions. Still, we would expect you to write a majority of your posts in English, but as you can tell from our own writing, you don't need to be fluent to be a OLPC News contributor.

How to Apply

If you're interested, please email a writing sample of 300-500 words on an OLPC topic of your choice - if its good enough, it will become a Guest Post. After three Guest Posts, you'll upgrade to an OLPC News Contributor. You'll get bonus points if you submit it as a text file with your content coded in HTML in the OLPC News visual style.

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