OLPC in Development Discussion in Washington DC on Jan 15


Are you in International Development and know what "ICT4D" means? Or are you just a crazy geek, in love with the XO laptop and wondering how it will really work in the developing world?

How will OLPC impact her?

Either way, if you are in Washington DC, clear your calendar on Tuesday evening for the January Meetup of ICT for International Development, co-hosted by Center for Global Development, which will have a very interesting focus:

Opportunities & Challenges of OLPC
What are the opportunities and challenges for its approach and vision? Can the project be faithful to its five core principles of child ownership; low ages; saturation; connection; and free and open source?
The panel discussion will feature four OLPC experts leading us through a lively discussion on everyone's favorite low-cost laptop:
  • Jonathan Blocksom (Blog) is an educational software developer and author of the kids 3D modeling program GollyGee Blocks. He has been working on software for the XO since May 2007.
  • Mike Lee (Blog | OLPC Photos) is the organizer of the OLPC Learning Club DC. You can find him mobile blogging frequently at HipTop Nation. He is also the sponsorship liaison for four years to the MIT Media Lab for a large non-profit member organization based in D.C.
  • Justin Thorp (Blog) is a Web strategist/developer for the government contractor CACI and currently supports the Library of Congress. He has worked on content initiatives with OLPC.
  • Wayan Vota (Bio) is Director of Mercy Corps' MicroMentor by day and publisher of the widely-ready OLPC News and XO Forum sites by night.
We'll begin at 6:00pm with snacks and conversation and then start the program at 6:30pm. Also, if you have an XO laptop yourself, do bring it. We'll be mesh networking before and after the event.

Opportunities & Challenges of OLPC
Center for Global Development
1776 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Third Floor
Washington , DC 20036 (map)

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Wayan, Can we still go to this? I see that

"We have limited space given our larger group so please RSVP as soon as possible to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

"Your organizer closed this event to new RSVPs."

I'd be interested in attending as well if space opens up (and I can bring yet another XO :-)


I'm so sad I'm gonna miss it. I'm in Texas learning XSLT/XSL-FO until the 17th.
Make sure you have someone record it for YouTube.

Personally, I've never found RSVP lists to be all that RSVP-y, especially in Washington DC's International Development community. Show up early and you always get in.

And if anything, an XO is a sure insiders pass to the festivities.