OMG! Like, I totally got to visit PaleXO!


Apparently Rasha Hussein journeyed with OLPC and PaleXO over the past year in Ramallah, a Palestinian city in the central West Bank. From all of her travels, she was able to put together a single blog post, with marginal new information. Here is a taste:

I am going to talk about this awesome group that inspired me. Joining it was the first step into engaging in the community activities.

It was the beginning of the year when I saw a post on facebook about a workshop for teacher to teach them how to use this green little laptop that's part of OLPC program (one laptop per child), I learned that any volunteer is welcome to join this group, so next day I went to talk to the girl -Noura Salhi- who posted it, and I told her I am totally in. I wasn't that good as a student, and I skipped lots of classes, and this girl told me that they need committed people and there's a lot to do, and that maybe I should give it a thought before going into it, cause they don't need people just for the number.

I insisted on joining in, as I loved the idea, and I knew I would add a lot to this group, and my journey started.

Yeah, like it was totally wow for her! And like, if you compared that one, brief post with, like, all the work of Christoph Derndorfer over just two months in South America, she was like totally slacking!


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Rasha Hussein is a resident of Ramallah and a student at Birzeit University. She was one of several leaders of PaleXO, a student leader volunteer organization that was instrumental in the successful launch of OLPC in public and UNRWA schools across the West Bank.

More recently Rasha is a founding partner in Bazinga, a startup catalyst in Ramallah, and a Google Student Ambassador.

And like most OLPC volunteers around the world her energy and commitment to the project are inspiring.

Perhaps you could clarify the point of your post.

The point of the post is clear. Rasha would be inspiring if anyone outside of PaleXO knew of her energy and commitment to the project.

Rasah Huessein,,, I am so proud of you as much ashamed of myself
How beautiful it is voluntary work, you have full freedom to think, organize and apply.
I can imagine the wonderful enthusiasm you were working with.
I worked as one of OLPC Technical Support Assistant team in Gaza for 7 months.
We spent all the time in our office just doing technical support and gathering what we can do with OLPC and how to establish the whole environment without contacting others.
I don't know if it was our duties or not, I thought that UNRWA have their own policies and we have to wait orders. Then the contract finished and we left OLPC Gaza without delivering our work neither knowing any feedback.
Thus I really deeply encourage and loved your work, your message has reached and you left a bright fingerprint on OLPC Palestine.
I wish one day we work together in Gaza and West Bank as VOLUNTEERS in OLPC Palestine.