Even the Portuguese are Beating OLPC in India


Now the fun begins. Portugal's JP Sá Couto has signed an MoU with Educomp of India to produce cheap Magalhaes laptops. OLPC has not even managed to give 1000 laptops to make a showcase and the Portuguese are investing big time in India as it is the largest emerging market for school education.


OLPC believes its the last answer to the emancipation of the underprivileged children. But those who keep them underprivileged, the politicians and the bureaucrats, have little interest in doing good.

JP Sá Couto understood that and went for a market based approach and now OLPC will have a competition that its non-profit entirely funded in India by poor Mr Satish Jha will not be able to cope with.

With all our passion we cannot do what resources can.

A CEO of OLPC must raise funds to market, make it visible, do what it takes to persuade people, respond to the genuine questions and concerns of people. Simply doing a great job, changing the way computing works for schools or starting the netbook revolution would not change the lives of children in developing countries.

What OLPC in India needs is some serious showcasing with 1000 laptops working in the constituency that its education minister wants asap since the day he took charge. Is OLPC ready?


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