#olpc Twitter Chat! How can OLPC help Haiti?


Nicholas Negroponte is making the case that we should donate our XO's to OLPC - broken or unused - for redistribution in Haiti.

Do you think that's wise? Shouldn't OLPC send new XO-1.5's to Haiti instead? Or are XO's even right for relief efforts? Is it now eclipsed by netbooks or iPads?

As I've said, I think XO laptops aren't right for relief efforts. Its not like XO's are easy to deploy, even when conditions are optimal. How does OLPC expect XO usage to flourish when schools are destroyed and teachers missing?

I believe OLPC should be empowering trusted and tested organizations like Waveplace Foundation, who have local capacity to incorporate XO laptops into existing and effective schools, not sending green OLPCorps volunteers to new, unproven sites.

But hey, I'm open to being convinced otherwise, and I'm sure there are many opinions on OLPC in Haiti. So let's have an open conversation around OLPC and Haiti via an OLPC News Twitter Chat!

Twitter Chats are fun, intense, and open for everyone to see. Also, OLPC is on Twitter, and so is Nicholas Negroponte. Maybe they'll join us this Friday at 3pm Eastern Time, and help us understand how OLPC is right for Haiti.

How can OLPC help Haiti?
an OLPC News Twitter Chat
3pm EST, Friday, January 29, 2010
On Twitter using the #OLPC hashtag

In preparation for this Twitter Chat, be sure to follow OLPC News and set up a TweetChat tracking the #OLPC hashtag. We'll start promptly at 3pm and cycle through these questions:

  1. Just how many dusty XO-1's will OLPC's call generate?
  2. Are XO-1's or XO-1.5's still relative in age of netbooks?
  3. If so, are they relative to Haiti's relief effort?
  4. How should XO's be deployed in rebuilding Haiti?
  5. What technology support systems does the XO require?
  6. Who might provide the XO-centric learning ecosystem in Haiti?

Suggest more questions via Twitter - add #olpc and @olpcnews to your tweet, and we'll put them in the queue.

Join the Twitter Chat - follow OLPC News and set up a TweetChat for 3pm EST.

Update: Here's the #OLPC Twitter Chat Transcript with gems like this:

8:16 pmdowneym:Q2: Are XO-1's or XO-1.5's still relative in age of netbooks? or iPads? #OLPC
8:16 pmjoncamfield:@olpcnews The XO is still pretty rugged; I can't imagine the iPad lasting a day without it's screen being scratched to uselessless #olpc
8:16 pmrosamariatorres:#olpc fans should read these "5 lies we tell ourselves (and funders) when developing new tech for ppl in need" http://ow.ly/16rSVh by @ict4d
8:16 pmrandom_musings:@jakedarnell Good idea but I don't think I've seen Skype working under Sugar (yet). Might work on DebXO or Ubuntu though. #olpc
8:17 pmdowneym:Agree with @joncamfield on need for ruggedness in post-disaster environment. iPad? Seems way to fragile. #OLPC
8:17 pmGregYohn:XO-1.5's are about as powerful as my ASUS Ebox that use an Intel Atom processor. #olpc
8:17 pmMokurai:#olpc #Haiti @olpcnews XOs don't need WiFi router or Internet to connect wirelessly over moderate distances, given line of sight.
8:18 pmkara_h:@downeym I agree, much as I love Apple the iPad would be the wrong tool for the job #olpc #olpc
8:18 pmMokurai:#olpc #Haiti No Skype! Free software! Ekiga Softphone, or shared Record sessions.

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What a great #olpc Twitter Chat! I hope everyone enjoyed the conversation. You can check out the #olpc Twitter Chat Transcript for more details. Be sure to jump down to our start around 8pm time marker.