VBCXO User Group Meetup in Vancouver, Canada: Saturday!


Calling all Vancouver, BC geeks, educators, parents, children, and technologists! Canadians are just now getting their hands on XO laptops after reminding OLPC that G1G1 Canadians Are Humans, With Kids Too, and the excitement to mesh is palatable.

To satiate the demand, Jeremy Penner of VBCXO User Group and Wayan Vota of OLPC News invite you to mesh up in a networking storm at tomorrow's:

olpc bulgaria
Get your XO geek on with VBCXO!
VBCXO User Group February Meetup
A fun discussion and discovery of One Laptop Per Child technology for the whole kids to geeks XO-loving family.

Saturday, February 16
4:00 - 7:00pm
ShaShuka Art Gallery and Eatery
6555 Fraser St - map
Vancouver, BC

We'll have plenty of XO's to play with and five (5!) XO-related prizes for lucky XO users!

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And we are mesh networking right now!

Thank you Wayan for being a wonderful host in our fair city. I hope you enjoy your stay in Vancouver and have time to take in the sights (and some night life).

I was there for only a brief time at the meet, but Wayan made in feel very welcome as he introduced me to the group. I was nice to meet Phil (I hope you figure out your developer key issues) and thank you Sue for showing me your Asus eee... I hope you get your XO one day...

I was hoping to show you all my Mint-i-fied XO, but I had to take my better half out for her birthday dinner.

BTW, who were the lucky dongle winners?

Cheers to all,

Wayan did a fine job of kick starting the first ever VBCXO Users meetup with the help Jeremy and others. My son Nicholas was one of the recipients of the network dongle door prize. Check out the photos posted in the Vancouver BC XO Meetup forum.


VBCXO: can anyone tell me where my son, who recently was given an XO, can learn how to use it to its fullest capacity? are there any meetings or tutors out there? It is April.

many thanks


I am regretfully selling our XO. I had hoped my son would be able to use this amazing little laptop, but he unfortunately requires very specific software to meet his learning needs.

I live in Port Moody, B.C, (near Vancouver). Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested or call 604-939-4458.

Asking $400.00 OBO

Hi there,

How I can contact to Vancouver OLPC group folks regarding their experiences and also borrowing laptop.


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