Where in the OLPC World is SJ Klein?

sj klein
SJ Klein on the go!

Did you miss the OLPC Game Jam this June in Boston? Could it be cause you couldn't find SJ Klein, Director of Content for One Laptop Per Child?

If you feel left out, but still want to participate, may I suggest you run with an idea that Todd Kesley dreamed up:

So SJ, content director for OLPC, is hard to find sometimes. Because either he hasn't been sleeping enough, and he's wandered off to have a conversation with a guru or luminary or hallucinated partner of some kind, or because he's gone across town to obtain a Starbucks.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a little game on the laptop, a little Easter egg, patterned after Where's Waldo? Where's SJ?

Like you get GPS navigation, triangulation, and you have to use multiple methods of communication to establish a "link", so you get points for pinning him down, something like a cross between Bourne Ultimatum and Wackamole?

Funny enough, with all my worldly travels, I too have been the subject of a "Where's Waldo?" quest by friends and family. And I would love to have them find me using an OLPC XO-1, even if it's only on the mesh network "neighborhood view".

I would also love for OLPC to follow Asustek's lead in offering laptops for under $300 to the USA market and have XO sales this Christmas.

The dreams we all dream of...

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