ZDNet UK: OLPC Not a Good Beginning


While ZDNet UK has expressed its reservations about the OLPC before, today it came out fully against the project saying "the $100 portable is not the right tool for the job".

Echoing the concerns of many, they focus on three areas of concer:

  • it uses advanced technology of uncertain robustness in places inimical to support,
  • it requires infrastructures both technical and commercial that do not necessarily exist,
  • and it does not seem to have been designed in conjunction with the people who'll use it.
Not stopping there, ZDNet UK also questions the technology that Nicholas Negroponte so often touts and notes that the $30 million USD that he's raised and all the press he receives (including this lowly website), are distracting resources from other proven efforts.

Best yet, they even quote the OLPC Wiki in pointing out its weak developer community

there seems to be no clear idea how to organise the many disparate efforts necessary to start a developer community ("we could use some ideas… in regard to rollout and community building" says the OLPC Wiki, forlornly).

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