One INDEX Award Per XO Laptop Design Team


Congratulations to the One Laptop Per Child developers for winning the prestigious INDEX: AWARD, the self-described "biggest design award in the world" and a purse of €100,000.

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INDEX honored OLPC for the XO laptop, believing it will increase the number of children who interact with computers, because:

Without a computer-literate population, developing countries will continue to struggle to compete in a rapidly evolving, global information economy.
Interestingly, the INDEX international jury chose to honor a number of OLPC participants as winners, not just the usual OLPC leadership. Check out their long list of contributors:
OLPC XO (Team including Rebecca Allen, Christopher Blizzard, V. Michael Bove, Yves Behar/fuseproject, Walter Bender, Michail Bletsas, Mark Foster, Jacques Gagne, Mary Lou Jepsen, Nicholas Negroponte and Lisa Strausfeld)
Kudos to INDEX for looking beyond the usual favorites and recognizing that an amazing "$100 laptop" Children's Machine design takes more than just famous leadership to develop and produce.

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