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Planet OLPC: Another Piece

Are you scouring 30 RSS feeds a day just to keep up to speed on all things OLPC? Maybe you stop by here at OLPC News to read up to the minute news and commentary, yet you seek more sites that can provide updates on OLPC's clock-stopping-hot XO technology.

If so, you're in luck; two new OLPC development blogs sprang up within days of each other late last week and there's content a plenty waiting for you there.

Hot off the presses we have One Laptop per Child's own Planet OLPC site - an official repository for blog posts by OLPC developers and contributors. Planet OLPC is not a new site per se, consisting as it does of reBlogged posts from developer's own blogs.

This makes Planet OLPC more akin to other "Planet" sites such as "Planet Fedora", "Planet Ubuntu" and "Planet Debian" than it is to sites such as Ubuntu's (rather wonderful) "Fridge" - an innovative community news site that derives its name from the spookily inevitable phenomena of fridge doors as the receptacle of notices - be it in the home, office or common room.

A mock up of Planet OLPC surfaced in late 2006 on the Fedora wiki, but the site officially launched in a slightly modified layout three days ago following this post on Christopher Blizzard's 0xdeadbeef blog. According to the site itself, Planet OLPC aims to provide:

News and banter from the people working on the One Laptop per Child project, employees and volunteers alike.
Thus far contributors include:
  • Marc (Uwog) Maurer (AbiWord developer)
  • Philip Van Hoof (Tinymail developer)
  • Jim Gettys (OLPC Big Cheese)
  • Christopher Blizzard (OLPC/Redhat)
  • John J5 Palmieri (OLPC/Redhat)
  • a good many more...
Another feed included on the site is a second new OLPC development blog - TamTam4OLPC. The site was started last week by developers of OLPC's innovative music software, TamTam. Already a good few posts old, we'll be posting more about TamTam here on OLPC News soon.

No doubt, as the Planet OLPC site expands, more contributors will be added. Hopefully this will let us you trim the number of feeds we you plough through every morning, noon and night to get to our your Children's Machine XO goodness. Henceforth you shall need but two feeds;

OLPC News + Planet OLPC = All OLPC, all the time!

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I think you linked to Debian twice instead of to Fedora People proper.

ooops. Yup, all that planet gazing I did got me dizzy - "Planet Fedora" should have linked to:


Now fixed, thanks.

I think you'll also find your link is wrong for Planet Ubuntu. It should be http://planet.ubuntu.com not dot org.

Well, looks like my posting was even rustier than I thought. That'll learn me to take such a long posting break in future...

Thanks for the catch Robert - its not like I spend half my life on ubuntu.com trying to find new and interesting ways to get my laptop to start (or more often stop) working in new and ever more intricate ways :)

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