What We Are Learning From OLPC

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What has OLPC taught us?

Over on the Educational Technology Debate, we've spent the month of December analyzing what we've learned from OLPC after four years of deployments.

With input from a cross-section of interested parties - learned academics to experienced educators to volunteer implementers - here is the One Laptop Per Child impact we've found:

The debate continues, so please add your voice to our conversation. You can also join Educational Technology Debate as we'll be covering related topics throughout 2010.

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I think The OLPC screen is its biggest selling feature, and the screens Pixel Qi is making are much better, but that doesn't help if I can't get one.

This is the greatest and most human empowerment initiative of this century–to give every single child a laptop. I have been following this initiative for sometimes now and i feel deeply that i should join hands to move this initiative fast forward. Please kindly mail me relevant information so that i can be part of this project.

FYI Here is a summary of the initial results from the first M&E of Plan Ceibal (in Spanish):


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