Computers at Home Reduces Math & English Test Scores


You know how OLPC stresses that children should take computers home. That extending the school day throughout the day will make smarter students. And that families would welcome the XO laptop into their homes.

new york times olpc
The at-home laptop reality?

Well OLPC might want to re-think that idea when they read the recent New York Times article Computers at Home: Educational Hope vs. Teenage Reality where two studies show that computers at home decreased math and English test scores of students in low-income families.

Now what do you think: are these researchers on to something - that if you leave a child with a laptop, they'll play useless games instead of doing homework, and therefore fall behind their peers? Or are test scores actually incapable of capturing the cognitive impact of computer usage, and therefore a useless indicator of XO laptop success?

Either way, join us on the Educational Technology Debate as we wonder,
Do Computers and Internet Access at Home Reduce Student Test Scores?

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Like I said in the post, take your comments to the Educational Technology Debate:

Do Computers and Internet Access at Home Reduce Student Test Scores?

We're going to have a month-long conversation around these reports, so be sure to subscribe to EduTechDebate and get in on all the action.

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