$100 Dollar Computers On Sale Now!


While the 2B1 Children's Machine is still in prototype, Quanta Computer will not be producing units at scale until mid-2007, and Nicholas Negroponte will not have an official way for you to buy a OLPC 2B1, you can still buy a $100 computer today. In fact, to get a HP Pavilion computer for $100, you need to buy it in the next two days.

Even fits six Cambodian kids!
The hot back-to-school special I'm talking about is Office Depot's HP Pavilion desktop computer, monitor and printer for $100 dollars after mail-in rebates.

Now the configuration isn't top of the line, there is only 256MB RAM for the 3.20GHz processor and the monitor is a 16" CRT, but for $100 dollars, it still has a better performance profile than the 2B1's anemic 400Mhz processor, 128MB RAM, and 512 flash drive and the HP Pavilion can be cheaply upgraded after purchase.

The HP Pavilion isn't a laptop, nor does it run on a hand crank foot pedal string, but also unlike the One Laptop Per Child's Children's Machine, you can buy the HP Pavilion today.

Even better, and again unlike the One Laptop Per Child 2B1, there is a spare parts distribution plan too.

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I think I will buy one of these computers now. I do not want to wait years for the green one. Is it ready yet? I do not think so.

I hope it comes with the Cambodian kids inside. They can help me learn the computer.