Saturday: OLPC San Francisco Bay Area Summit 2009


Come out this Saturday to OLPC events in New Your City, or San Francisco. Here in the Bay Area, we'll have the OLPC San Francisco Bay Area Summit 2009 - a OLPC-SF community event designed to primarily foster collaboration amongst deployment teams in the SF Bay Area. We also hope that the event will help in improving the visibility of OLPC and Sugar to a wider group around this area.

The event is a "Birds of a Feather" type event but largely run as an unconference. Open to everyone. Drop by, and join a session. Bring a friend. Bring your family too!

OLPC San Francisco Bay Area Summit 2009
Saturday, Nov 21, 2009 (whole day)
SFSU Downtown Campus at #553,
835 Market Street, San Francisco

Sessions include:

  • Stacey Kertsman. (eduWeavers) "XO for teaching and learning."
    Education track. Room 553
  • Sameer Verma. (SFSU) "Moodle and the School Server". Technology track. Room 554
  • Humaira Mahi (SFSU) and Carol Ruth Silver (MTSA). "Women, health literacy and empowerment". Outreach track. Room 553
  • Bruce Baikie. (Green Wifi) "Senegal - Deployment lessons and moving forward in 2010" Education Track. Room 554
  • Ed Cherlin (Earth Treasury). "Teaching Python in schools". Technology track. Room 597
  • Alex Kleider (Madagascar). "School Server installation and configuration". Technology track. Room 553
  • Christian Nobs and Ted Kuster (Starr King). "Kid Camp: Discover by doing - Hands-on experience with XO activities for children". Outreach track. Room 554
  • Ed Cherlin (Earth Treasury) and Sameer Verma (SFSU). "Sugar on the XO, Sugar on a Stick, Sugar in the Lab, Sugar Everywhere!". Technology Track. Room 597
  • Joachim Pedersen. (OLPC-SF Repair Center), June Kleider (Madagascar) and Anil Daswani (Support Gang). "Repairing and supporting XOs in the field." Technology track. Room 553

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