OLPC is Facilitating Internet Consciousness, a Global Brain


Web is a character-based, documentary feature enamored with the possibilities for global unification offered by the Internet. The film follows the work of One Laptop per Child (OLPC) - an organization that produces cheap, network-based laptops for distribution to children in the poorest areas of the world.

Using OLPC as a tangible example, the film will consider the Internet as the culmination of a technological evolution that has pushed the human species toward deeper and more meaningful cross-cultural collaboration.

As children in the third world become entangled in a global web of information, communication, and collaboration, the Internet will be seen as a tool of unparalleled unification and connectivity.

At its heart, the film seeks to uncover the sometimes hidden truth that we are all fundamentally the same; that there is much we can learn from a global conversation and that such interdependence is our mutual destiny.


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