OLPC Openlife Community


I have created a venue where OLPC developers or educators can meet in a virtual environment, regardless of their physical location on the planet - the OLPC Centre on the Openlife Grid.

OLPC Openlife action

The Openlife Grid is a virtual world (Opensim architecture) that allows people to meet and interact in a virtual environment. In that environment your presence is represented by a character on screen (avatar).

I am opening up the OLPC Openlife center as a place for any OLPC and XO developers and educators to meet. Although the location is virtual the immersive experience of 'being present' is there.

The purpose of the OLPC Openlife centre is threefold:

  1. To create awareness of OLPC and the XO in an audience unfamiliar with the program
  2. To act as a showcase for OLPC and XO activities, supplementing other internet based sources
  3. To be a place where people can meet and interact with others in almost realistic ways without geographical constraints.

There is an Openlife Group which you can join called 'OLPC Openlife'. Here is further information about the Openlife Grid and the OLPC Openlife centre.

You will need to join OLX, a support site for the Openlife Grid as a member, but it is free to do so.
If you are not familiar with virtual worlds here is a short video that shows the OLPC Openlife centre and some of the concepts of being present in a virtual world:

In Openlife my avatar's name is Digital Dreambuilder. In real life I am a freelance education and training consultant using ICT to support initiatives in line with Millennium Development Goals for education and education for sustainable development.

Hoping to see you inworld, or at the OLPC Openlife group and seeing how we can use the technology of virtual worlds to facilitate development and promote the ideals of the movement.

David Paul, aka Digital Dreambuilder inworld