OLPC Friends Events in Australia and New Zealand


There are several upcoming OLPC Friends events in Australia and New Zealand which you can get involved in to help bring OLPC to children in the region and all around the world!

A friend of OLPC, down under

December OLPC Testing Parties (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide)

OLPC Friends will be running OLPC Test Parties in Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide on Saturday, the 20th December. The aim of these events is to help test new activities for the OLPC as well as the new 8.2.1 image. If you want to help contribute to OLPC, this is a great way to get involved! If you don't have your own XO, some extras will be brought along by the coordinators. Coordinators are:

OLPC activities at linux.conf.au 2009 (Hobart, Tasmania)

There will also be several OLPC related events at linux.conf.au this year, including a talk from Sugar guru and former President of OLPC, Walter Bender, a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session, and an OLPC stand at the linux.conf.au Open Day. The talks and BoF are limited to linux.conf.au attendees however the Open Day is open to the public, so come along!

Happy XO users in Borneo

OLPC Deployments

There are deployments happening all across the region, and you can volunteer to help out with a deployment. If you want to do your own deployment, get in touch as OLPC Friends will be kicking off a deployment group in January to help share knowledge and ensure some consistency in the region.

Regular events

There are regular user group events throughout Australia and New Zealand, including weekly test parties in Wellington, which has contributed significantly to OLPC. Great work guys! Also, there are monthly events kicking off around Australia in the new year.


If you are interested in discussions around OLPC or getting help, please join the OLPC Friends discussion mailing list, and the OLPC Friends community forum.

About OLPC Friends

OLPC Friends brings together educators, developers and enthusiasts for local and regional deployments and education development. Working in collaboration with the OLPC Foundation, OLPC Friends aims to create an organic and sustainable ecosystem of contributing people and organisations throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

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