Do You Know of Any Low-cost ICT Devices for Education?


Back before there was One Laptop Per Child and the netbooks it spawned, we had to hunt for information on ICT projects. Finding low-cost devices or the initiatives behind them was a challenge only solved by infoDev at the World Bank when they published their comprehensive Quick Guide to low-cost computing devices for the developing world.

I can remember pushing to get the Geekcorps' Desert PC listed, and the pride I had in our entry. Flash forward five years, and I'm now tasked with updating this list. Time has changed more than my involvement with ICT, its also changed the entire ICT field. Now, new devices are coming on line every day, and challenging our very notions of what "low-cost computing device" means in an educational context.

So rather than trying to update this list alone, I'd like to ask you to drive the list refresh. Let's crowdsource the next Quick Guide to low-cost computing devices, using this handy form:

And be sure to spread the word far and wide via email, Twitter, and the like. You can even re-tweet this survey using this handy, short snippet:

Help update @infoDev's Quick Guide to low-cost ICT devices - please RT and add your favorite today!

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