OLPC Is Now Green (Again)


This is the latest $100 dollar laptop design from fuseproject, the lead OLPC design team, fresh off the press from the OLPC Wiki.

Note we are now at green, only color number four and we've already made a compete cycle back to the start color. Personally, I liked orange, but who am I, really?

This design is telling in the detail. Check out the larger image. The main mouse pad is enlarged, filling the whole bottom of the keypad and there are cursor buttons moved to the sides of the screen with pointers reminiscent of the Pepper Pad.

The audio ports maintain the current color coding, and along with a USB port are under the little WiFi antenna. By the thickness of the screen and thinness of the keyboard, it looks like all the electronics are behind the screen with the battery in the bottom at the screen base.

Oh and thank god a hand crank foot pedal string is not in view.

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