Ethan Zuckerman Reviews "Orange"

Technology in development guru, Ethan Zuckerman has an amazing write up of the "Orange" prototype he was able to tinker with today. And I have to agree with him, it is cute:
The current prototype is little, orange, and very, very cute. It has a molded plastic handle and looks remarkably like a Speak and Spell.
Still, I have many technical questions that he's not able to answer, the screen being one he admits to being stumped at too:
The screen in the current prototype is a conventional LCD screen - the screen in the production devices will be roughly the same size, probably slightly larger than the 7.5″ screen in the prototype, but will be based around a technique that doesn’t require white fluorescent backlight. (Many of the questions I need to answer for the IEEE article concern the screen, as it’s one of the most expensive and power-hungry components of the machine.)
Yep, power-hungry, delicate, expensive, hard to repair, and of course somehow readable in daylight.

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