Build Master J5 - Tossing Open Source Activities At Ya!


Think you have decent Open Source coding credibility, like eating Linux kernels for breakfast? Might others recognize your mad skills with a cool code name? Then maybe you are in John Palmieri's journeyman league with a nickname like his super-cool "J5". But even then, have you ever been called a "Build Master" in official title? J5 has and is the Build Master for OLPC.

But don't think he's a player, he backs up the flash with serious Open Source street cred, willing to thrown down applications toe-to-toe with anyone, including Microsoft. To quote him:

I personally am not in the business of forcing people to use my products but rather developing the product for specific needs and letting the customer choose. I’m in the business of building better systems, period.
And as the Build Master for OLPC, J5 is in the business of building better "activities" - applications in OLPC speak. Wondering what that means? Then watch J5 in the second Red Had video on One Laptop Per Child:
If you want to join J5 in building activities, then check out his PyGTK game tutorial. You'll learn how to create or port any number of applications to the Sugar UI using the OLPC game "Block Party."

Just be sure to give J5 respect, he has mine.

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