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Resumen en español al final del artículo

In mid-June I wrote about two great electronics add-ons for XO Laptops which C. Scott Ananian (OLPC Foundation's Director for New Technologies) was working on: XOrduino and XO Stick. This week he announced that he is sending out the parts for 20 units for free to people who will support the development of these peripherals.

As a source of inspiration C. Scott also provided a list of ideas for projects which people might want to tackle:

  • Assemble an XOrduino / XO stick with an 8-12 year old
  • Test different configurations
  • Write some killer education apps!
  • Arduino support for the XO Stick.
  • Program an XO Stick from an XOrduino
  • Debrick an XO
  • Scratch/Turtle Blocks support

Aside of this call for development support his post also mentions that he's already working on a new revision of these add-ons. You can track his work on the schematics/boards over on GitHub (XOrduino and XO Stick).

Last but not least his improvements on the XOrduino will make it easy to build an XO Turtle Bot which can be programmed via Scratch, Turtle Art or Arduino programs.

If I were more of an electronics nut I would apply for development units in a heartbeat and then lock myself up at home over the weekend to tinker with them.

Resumen en español: En junio escribí sobre dos periféricos electrónicos para los XO en que C. Scott Ananian (Director para las Nuevas Tecnologías de la OLPC Foundation) estaba trabajando: XOrduino y XO Stick. Esta semana anunció que está enviando las piezas para 20 unidades de forma gratuita a las personas que apoyen el desarrollo de estos periféricos. También incluyó una lista de ideas para proyectos y explicó las mejoras que esta haciendo en estas días. En otras su trabajo en el XOrduino hará más fácil la construcción de un XO Turtle Bot (tortuga robot XO) que se puede programar a través de Scratch, Turtle Art o programas de Arduino.


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