In the Chinese New Year, XO's Become OXen


The One Laptop Per Child G1G1 program in Asia ended yesterday (25 January) which was the last day of the Year of the Rat in the Chinese calendar. Today is Chinese New year and the "Year of the OX". See the XO greet the new year using Speak:

With tough time ahead for OLPC, its growth may now depend on volunteers and user groups. Some good work have been going on here in Hong Kong and China by the people and volunteers of OLPC Asia who have a job of localization.

I am T.K. Kang and I received my XO before Christmas in Hong Kong and have been exited about how to use it and get people interested through some informal activities on my part.

We took the XO laptop for a tram ride in Hong Kong from Western all the day to Causeway Bay. We tested the wireless connection while on the move and see if the mesh network could work. The OXs has difficulties updating the connections and the number of available wireless routers is confusing to the OXs when it needs to be updated continuously!!

A Happy Year of the OX for all readers. The XOs will need to morph into oxen for a challenging year ahead.

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