(Fake) Steve Jobs Slams OLPC


What might His Design Holiness, Steve Jobs, think of the One Laptop Per Child project? The man who brought us the Mac, the iPod, and sleek white design? How might he feel about the little green laptop?

He tells us in his own words, with his real feelings, in the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs:

His stupid hundred-dollar PC is the ugliest piece of crap I've ever seen. There, I said it.
Yes you did Steve, you sure did. Right from the start you're slamming design, because design is what you're know for, what your best at. But what about Nicholas Negroponte and the MIT Media Lab?
This guy really thinks he's the shizzle, doesn't he? Mr. Big Brain from the MIT Media Lab. A real intellectual.

Pop quiz: Name one thing this guy has ever predicted correctly. Question Two: Name one worthwhile product he has ever built. Question Three: Name one useful idea that has ever come out of the MIT Media Lab in its entire history.

Wow! That's pretty sharp criticism there Steve. Maybe that's what Education Secretary Sudeep Banerjee was thinking, and the real India rejection backstory.

What would you do if you were a elementary school student in the developing world and got one Steve?

If I were some kid in the Third World and I got up on Christmas morning and found this frog-green pile of crap waiting for me under the tree, I'd fly to Cambridge and shove my hundred-dollar PC up Nicholas Negroponte's butt.
Ouch! Mr. Negroponte should be happy the latest design version doesn't have a hand crank, that would hurt on injection and removal!

But seriously Steve, how do you think the laptops will change the lives of these school children, will it be one revolution per child with their current no-teacher training implementation plan?

They're just gonna drop the PC in their lap and say, "Here you go, Pradeep, it's your very own cheapo plastic Linux PC with no hard disk and no manual. Just start typing away on the keyboard and figure it out for yourself. Why, soon you'll be cranking out J2EE apps. Then you can move to Bangalore and work for IBM."
Ah, so do you agree with Pacific Research Institute's attack of OLPC? Well do ya? Hello Steve? Mr. Jobs? Woops! It seems His Design Holiness has left the blogsphere.

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