Buy a Brand New XO Laptop on eBay


eBay seller eliz2206 has a brand new XO laptop for sale on eBay. I have no clue how she came to have one several years after the original Give 1 Get 1, but you can get your mint-condition OLPC computer this weekend.

Yes, hurry, as this eBay computer auction ends this weekend - hurricane or not.


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Wow. That's pretty cool. The XO project was One Laptop per Child (OLPC, based in Miami).

The XO-1 was a rugged, low-power laptop computer that used flash memory (no hard drive), and ran a Fedora-based operating system. I think it had an anti-theft system and connected to a central server to periodically check in.

It's a cool non-profit project and I think it's still going on today. Give 1 Get 1 program (G1G1) was the program name.

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